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Weslaco's position near the border of Mexico makes this city of more than 40,000 a center of international trade and tourism, leading to the growth of cross-border traffic and creating an economic backbone for the city. Weslaco has grown quite a bit over the last 230+ years. Previously known as the sandbagging capital of the world because of its World War II production, this city is now a family-friendly area with strong job growth, lots to do, and an affordable real estate market within Hidalgo County. 

Real Estate

The real estate market in Weslaco is very affordable and extremely buyer-friendly. The median home price for the area is just $83,900, more than $134,000 below the national average. Rent is similarly low, at just $709 a month on average. 

Thanks to these affordable housing prices, most residents own their own home, and you can usually find multi-bedroom family homes for less than $200,000. The affordable real estate market also makes it easier to live on the average household salary for the area of about $45,000. 

If you are seeking a house in Weslaco, you can choose from a variety of housing options, including condos, townhomes, single family residences, and apartments. This variety allows you to find the housing solution that works best for your family and for your budget. 

Get Around in Weslaco

You will find it easiest to get around Weslaco if you own a car. A couple of major roads, including Interstate 2 and Highway 83, run through the city and provide access to major areas of both Weslaco and the Rio Grande Valley, such as McAllen, Mission, and Edinburg.

In addition, the Rio Grande Valley's Valley Metro bus line services Weslaco. This public transportation system allows you to access some of the most important areas of the city, and of the Valley. 

Life in Weslaco

Weslaco is a small city with a suburban feel, but it offers many activities for all of its residents to enjoy. From three nature parks for outdoor fun to a variety of annual events and family-owned restaurants, you have many choices for enjoying a relaxing day with friends or family. 

Thanks to Weslaco's community-minded atmosphere, you should find it easy to settle into the city and get to know your neighbors. Events hosted by the Weslaco Chamber of Commerce include holiday get togethers and even an Onion Fest, encourage community spirit and connections within a fun environment. 

Prepare to enjoy Weslaco's many advantages within a healthy economic environment fueled by international trade and a low cost of living. Creating a beautiful life in this Texan city is easy thanks to the unique combination of economic strength, community spirit, and friendly environment.

Real Estate Facts

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