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Located in Cameron County, TX, South Padre Island is a small town in an incredible location. Despite a population of just 2,762 individuals who reside within just 2 square miles, the town delivers an abundance of amenities and activities befitting its status as a beloved resort town.

The town of South Padre Island shares the larger South Padre Island with Isla Blanca Park and Port Isabel within Cameron County, TX. It is just 30 miles north of the historic Brownsville, TX.

Thanks to its vibrant vacation atmosphere and gorgeous weather, South Padre Island is a busy, upscale, spring break and vacation destination. It offers families and individuals of all ages a wide variety of activities to enjoy, from incredible food to memorable water excursions. For individuals who have the money and the desire to live in a resort town, South Padre Island has much to offer.

Real Estate

Because South Padre is a highly desirable resort town, area real estate is among the most expensive in Texas. The median home price is $304,900. Despite the high real estate prices, however, 67 percent of residents own their homes, thanks to a per capita income that is almost $9,000 higher than the national average.

Because it is a sought-after resort town, South Padre Island makes for a very sound real estate investment, where properties are almost certain to appreciate in value. In addition to single-family homes, the town also boasts numerous condo complexes and luxury hotels, particularly along the water.

Get Around in South Padre Island

Because South Padre Island is only 2 square miles, you can navigate it on foot. However, many residents own a car in order to easily commute to the jobs in the surrounding area. With a commute of just under 20 minutes, lower than the national average, however, you rarely have to worry about getting stuck in traffic.

Public transportation is largely nonexistent in South Padre Island. However, you can choose to take a shuttle to various points around the town.

Life in South Padre Island

Life is laid back and fun in South Padre Island, with the economy driven primarily by tourism. During peak vacation season (e.g. March and July), the population of the town swells with vacationers, who take advantage of the numerous attractions, dining, shopping, and water recreation available throughout the town.

In particular, water activities such as fishing, dolphin watching, and horseback riding on the beach are popular. You can also relax at one of the town's many spas, enjoy fine dining at one of its incredible restaurants, and even enjoy a lively arts and culture scene. Activities abound both for spring breakers and families.

At other times, the town is quiet, populated primarily by its year-round residents, who often telecommute to white-collar jobs. If you enjoy waterfront living, resort town life, or a quiet existence alongside a few other people, then South Padre Island has just what you want.

Real Estate Facts

Average Home Value

$304,900 Average Listing Value

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