Pharr, San Juan, Alamo Realty


Located in Hidalgo County and within close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Pharr, San Juan and Alamo are all suburbs of greater McAllen. With a population of 78,338 in Pharr, 36,740 in San Juan, and 19,842 in Alamo, these cities are family-focused with tight-knit communities. The area stretches along the Rio Grande Valley and has been nicknamed as the “land of two summers” because of its warm climate.

Pharr is part of the McAllen - Edinburg - Mission and Reynosa-McAllen metropolitan areas. It is 13 miles from Reynosa, Mexico as well as the Pharr–Reynosa International Bridge into Mexico.

Real Estate

One of the benefits of living in Pharr, San Juan, or Alamo is a low cost of living and affordable housing. This makes the area appealing to those with families and, as a result, more residents own their homes as opposed to renting. The median home value in Pharr is $86,380 with an average mortgage amount of $580.97. In San Juan the home value is $113,941 and in Alamo it is $102,641.

This area offers a sparse suburban feel and most homeowners enjoy a single-standing home with a yard. But despite most residents owning their home, there are also smaller apartment buildings where students or working professionals can rent a place.

Getting Around in P.SJ.A.

Getting around in Pharr, San Juan or Alamo is easy due to major roads connecting the areas. Most of the residents who live here own their own vehicles. You can also make use of ride-hailing services but, due to interspersed facilities, it is impractical to get around on foot.

The I-2/US 83 is the major east-west artery and Highway 282 connects the area to nearby cities like Edinburg, the county seat. The US 281 runs north-south through the city, intersecting Expressway 83 and continuing to the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge.

Life in Pharr, San Juan & Alamo

This area boasts a low cost of living, affordable housing, fantastic warm weather, plentiful job opportunities, safety and cultural diversity. Residents in Pharr, San Juan, and Alamo have access to a wide variety of restaurants, retail stores and parks and is close to the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge. Education-wise, the area is well served with a number of above-average public schools in primary and secondary education, as well as highly rated charter school systems like South Texas College (Pecan Campus).

With a low crime rate, this family-centric area offers a good quality of life and is perfect for children. The friendly community isn’t just great for quality family living, but the fast-growing economy also makes it easy to do business. The winters here are also known to be very pleasant and the outdoors can be enjoyed all year. Because of the warmer winter months, Pharr, San Juan and Alamo attract visitors from surrounding areas who become “winter Texans.”

Real Estate Facts

Average Home Value

$154,417 Average Listing Value

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