7 BIG Reasons to Move to Brownsville, TX

Dated: April 20 2021

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Moving to BrownsvilleBrownsville, the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley, may also be one of the most exciting. Once at the focal point of the Mexican War and the Civil War, this city of almost 184,000 is now a focal point of space flight (Yes, really), luxury living, and international access.

Read on to learn about 7 of the BIGgest reasons you should consider a move to this unique city.

Get a front-row seat to space flight (and Starbase City)

Elon Musk's aerospace manufacturer SpaceX has a private launch site right outside Brownsville. As if setting off one's own space rockets isn't exciting enough, Musk has recently declared an interest in developing a city, nambed Starbase, around the launch site.

That means that Brownsville could soon have an up-close look at space flight, and a city dedicated to SpaceX's employees and staff.

As if that isn't a BIG enough reason to consider a move to Brownsville, consider Elon Musk's recent donation of $10 million to revitalize the city. Exciting, groundbreaking things are happening in and around Brownsville. You may just want to be a part of them.

Live where history happened

History is happening right now in Brownsville, as Elon Musk pursues the creation of a brand-new city and SpaceX builds and launches rockets right next door, but Brownsville isn't just known for its exciting present.

This city has been a focal point of historical happenings for almost 200 years. It is Brownsville that served as the site of the first battle of the Mexican-American War and as the site of the last battle of the Civil War (while serving as a focal point of smuggling and battles during that war).

Today, you can learn more about these historic battles, famous Fort Brown, and other exciting historic sites in Brownsville. Not every city provides such BIG opportunities to live right in the seat of history.

Enjoy BIG real estate opportunities

Brownsville is an up-and-coming city with BIG real estate opportunities at your fingertips. Median home prices are just $170,000, 54 percent lower than median home prices in the nation as a whole.

That affordable house is going to be a great investment, though. The city's real estate market is growing at an average annual rate of 2.6 percent, with properties appreciating 61 percent in the last 20 years.

With a thriving, but still affordable, real estate market, now is the time to buy in Brownsville and make a move that has the potential to provide BIG advantages over the long term.

BIG fun is right next door

Brownsville is quieter and more peaceful than larger Texas cities such as San Antonio, but do not be fooled. BIG fun is right around the corner when you live here.

Brownsville itself is home to vibrant entertainment, dining, and shopping options. Try out any of these options for staying entertained without traveling far:

  • Boca Chica State Park
  • Children's Museum
  • International dining
  • Farmers' Market
  • Zoo
  • Fine Arts Museum
  • The Arts Center
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Abundant shopping
  • And more

Brownsville may have a reputation for being a quieter and more peaceful place to live, but that doesn't mean excitement and fun to suit any taste aren't right nearby.

A resort is the next town over

If you want BIG reasons to move to Brownsville, TX, then you need to know that a resort town is less than an hour away.

That's right, luxurious and popular San Pedro Island is just a hop and a skip from Brownsville. Sunbathing on the beach, deep sea fishing, dolphin watching, parasailing, sunset cruises...anything you can dream of you can do on South Padre Island.

If you choose to live in Brownsville, luxurious beachside getaways won't be an occasional splurge. You will be able to get the resort experience without the resort town cost of living anytime you want. Now that is a BIG reason to consider a move to South Texas.

Brownsville has BIG job opportunities

Many thriving cities have exciting job markets in industries as varied as manufacturing and healthcare, technology and education, but Brownsville's job market isn't just exciting...it is epic.

The city has job potential for many reasons, but consider these driving factors:

  • SpaceX is nearby and growing
  • Brownsville is a major international hub thanks to its position on the Mexico/U.S. border
  • Major manufacturing companies call Brownsville home
  • Tourism in the area is booming
  • Education and government provide abundant jobs

Enjoy your career? Then pursue it in Brownsville, where you have abundant job opportunities to choose from. 

The weather in Brownsville is perfect

Perfect might be a strong statement, but here it applies. Brownsville is known for having one of the most desirable climates in the United States. Summers are hot and muggy, but winters usually boast no snow and comfortable temperatures in the 50s. 

Thanks to abundant sunshine and warm weather, you can pursue any outdoor activity you desire, year-round. Biking, hiking, running, sports, or even just picnics and playgrounds is all possible anytime you want in this beautiful climate. 

Brownsville has a lot to offer. Its epic access to space flight, real estate, history, fun, resort style living, job opportunities, and beautiful weather mean that it promises an epic life when you choose to settle here. 

If you decide to move to Brownsville, let BIG Realty help you find the perfect place to call home in the area. Our experienced real estate agents can help you find the best house, at the best price, in the best location so you can spend less time house hunting and more time enjoying your new slice of paradise.

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