5 BIG Reasons to Call Edinburg Home

Dated: August 13 2021

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BIG reasons to call Edinburg home

As the seat of Hidalgo County, Edinburg, TX, is a prominent and growing city in the Rio Grande Valley. While far from the largest city in the state, there are some BIG reasons that more than 77,000 people call this area home. Here are 5 of the BIGgest reasons that Edinburg is a good place to live.

1. Edinburg is a friendly city

Edinburg gives you the chance to live in the city but enjoy a small-town feel. This beautiful little city has a reputation for welcoming newcomers, and residents are always willing to offer cheerful conversation and a friendly smile. Plug into any of the city's many community groups, including churches and clubs, to find a pool of friends who make Edinburg feel like home.

2. Great housing is affordable

Most residents of the city own their homes, thanks in large part to the fact that single family residences are extremely affordable. Housing in Edinburg is a whopping 50% below the national average--At an average of just $108 per square foot. As a result, it isn't unusual to find homes in a good part of the town with beautiful yards, a pool, and other amenities for less than $200,000.

Thanks to these affordable homes, you can live a good life in a beautiful space for far less than you would spend almost anywhere else in Texas, or the United States. Begin searching for your perfect home in Edinburg with the real estate agents who are committed to getting the very best deal to make your BIG home ownership dreams a reality.

3. Edinburg offers easy access to higher education

Edinburg offers strong educational opportunities for every grade level, thanks to a variety of highly-rated charter and private schools. However, it is in higher education that Edinburg really shines.

The city is home to multiple universities, including the University of Texas Pan American and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. These educational institutions allow students to access college, and graduate, education in dozens of fields while staying close to the friendly environment and small-town feel of Edinburg.

An added bonus is the fact that Edinburg does not feel or act like a college town, despite the presence of these schools. Come to Edinburg to prepare for a good life, improve your career prospects, and get started on your dream job, all while living in a family-friendly environment.

4. The nearby border provides international opportunities

Like its sister city, McAllen, Edinburg is part of the Texas-Mexico border region. Its close proximity to the border provides many opportunities. In particular, Highway 128 and Edinburg's location make it attractive to many businesses, including international companies. A new user fee airport in Edinburg also makes flights to and from Mexico convenient and easy by allowing flights to land directly in Edinburg rather than diverting to another city to go through customs.

5. Edinburg has lots to do

Edinburg is not the vibrant center of arts and culture you will find in larger Texas cities, such as San Antonio or Dallas. However, you will find plenty to do in this unique and welcoming city. For example, dine on sushi, tamales, seafood, pho, and more. Check out the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands, or the South Texas Motorcycle Museum. Whatever your interests, chances are you can pursue them right here in Edinburg.

Edinburg could be the perfect place for you to live the good life. Enjoy the warm Texas weather along with a friendly and active community. If you think Edinburg is the place for you, then reach out to BIG Realty. We can help you get settled in the city of your dreams.

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