5 BIG Reasons Why Brownsville Is a Good Place to Live

Dated: November 29 2021

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Located on the Gulf Coast in the South Texas county of Cameron, Brownsville is home to almost 185,000 residents. As the 18th-largest city in Texas, Brownsville clearly has a great life to offer. But, what makes life in Brownsville a good one? And why should you consider relocating to this historic beachfront city? Here are the 5 BIGgest reasons to embrace life in Brownsville.

Brownsville has one of the area's best job markets

Brownsville isn't just pretty beaches and historic attractions (Though you can find those in abundance). It also offers one of the BIGgest keys to a good life: An incredible job market that makes financial security easier to achieve.

One of the backbones of Brownsville's job market is the growth of Elon Musk's SpaceX center, where breathtaking scientific advancements in space travel are happening.

In addition, Brownsville offers some unique job opportunities you won't find in many other cities, such as the following:

  • Cross-border and cross-cultural opportunities thanks to Brownsville's position as a major international hub
  • The presence of many major manufacturing companies, including Sherwin-Williams, Cutco, PepsiCo, and Hershey
  • Tourism, thanks to Brownsville's historic past and the presence of nearby South Padre Island
  • Education and governmental job opportunities

With endless job opportunities available, chances are you can continue your career right here, or embark on an exciting new job change with one of the area's many established, and thriving, businesses.

Brownsville has an affordable, and growing, housing market

Having a safe and beautiful place to live is an integral part of a good life. When you are ready for rest, want to entertain friends, or look forward to spending time with your family, you need a place you love to live.

Here in Brownsville, a good house is within reach, thanks to affordable real estate prices that make purchasing a home easy to fit into your budget. In this city, the median home price is just $170,000, significantly lower than the cost of purchasing in most other areas of the state.

In addition, your home purchase is likely to appreciate in value over the next few years. Over the last 20 years, home values of risen a whopping 61 percent. Not only can you afford a good home here, but you can turn it into an investment in your future, just by purchasing in this growing city.

Brownsville offers great weather for a great life

If gray days and cold, snowy weather impact your quality of life, then you may want to consider moving to Brownsville. With some of the best weather in the country, this South Texas city promises a life full of sunshine and warmth, even in the dead of winter.

Consider these amazing weather stats that accompany life in Brownsville:

  • Winter temps in the 50s
  • An average of 223 sunny days per year
  • Virtually no snow
  • Average summer highs of 92 degrees
  • Average annual temperatures of 74 degrees

A life in Brownsville means a life enjoying great weather and all of the opportunities that weather provides. That sounds like a pretty good life to us!

Brownsville offers ample outdoor opportunities

How would your life be better with year-round sunshine and warmth? Brownsville has some ideas. The area is replete with trails for hiking and biking, stunning Boca Chica State Park, beaches for swimming, opportunities for fishing, parks and playgrounds, camping, and more. Embrace the beauty of great weather and numerous outdoor activities in the city that boasts epic weather every month of the year.

Brownsville makes resort life accessible

A good life has to include financial security, but let's face it: A truly great life also includes some BIG fun. Here in Brownsville, the BIGgest attraction is right next door, at South Padre Island.

Texas' most famous resort city is only 45 minutes away, which means that you can easily hop on over to beautiful beaches, incredible attractions, deep-sea fishing, swimming, parasailing, dolphin watching, and all the sun-soaked relaxation you can tolerate whenever you have a few hours to yourself.

That's convenience. What is even more convenient is the fact that you can leave the crowds and the resort life behind when you get tired, retreating to the quieter, welcoming environment of Brownsville. 

With a luxurious resort experience just around the corner, and peace and quiet available on demand, life in Brownsville is truly the very best of both worlds. 

If you are ready to make the move to Brownsville, reach out to Big Realty. We can help you achieve your BIG homeownership dreams faster so you can begin living the life you deserve in this thriving and historic city.

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