Real Estate Is Our Business

You could say that we were destined to be in the real estate industry. Our founders are among the leading real estate agents in the country. We don’t believe that real estate transactions should be difficult and confusing. That’s why we created a more efficient way to buy and sell the most wonderful homes in the Rio Grande Valley. That is our mission and we will continue to provide the most outstanding real estate experience to customers.

Tenant Representation

Finding the ideal office or retail location is a multifaceted endeavor. Determining whether or not the space you currently occupy is serving your near- or long-term needs requires big-picture thinking as well as a granular analysis of details.

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Landlord Representation

From multi-level marketing campaigns for well-positioned, high-performing assets to detailed operational analyses and strategic repositioning of under-performing assets, Big Realty provides professional services that enable landlords to realize the highest value for their office, hospitality, or retail properties.

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Sales & Acquisitions

For private, corporate, and institutional investors, the acquisition or disposition of an investment-grade property or portfolios of properties is an opportunity to advance immediate and long-term business and financial objectives.

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